Share A Bowl Of Love: How This Ohio Soup Shack Is Saving Lives!

This top chef wants to share her love of food to help others! La Soupe is a French roadside soup shack that mixes the cooking talents of owner, Suzy DeYoung, with the comfort of a family table. MOre than just a delicious restaurant, La Soupe has a variety of programs that are giving low income kids and families a chance to eat well and learn how to make incredible soups. – Read More…

Hero Chef ‘Rescues’ Food

Hero Chef ‘Rescues’ Food, Enlists Volunteer Network to Feed the Hungry!
Can soup save the world? Maybe not, but in Cincinnati, one determined chef is using it to save people from going to bed hungry. – Read More…

Can soup save the city?

Can soup save the city?
Chef Suzy DeYoung and her “Bucket Brigade” of local chefs are on a mission: Use donated produce to make soup. Use soup to save the city. Sort of.
by: Enquirer/ Liz Dufour – – Read More…

La Soupe Tackling Hunger

La Soupe, local chefs tackling hunger with soup
Suzy DeYoung is the inspiration behind La Soupe, an organization that rescues otherwise wasted produce to create meals, primarily soup, for customers, non-profits and food-insecure families.
by: Enquirer/ Liz Dufour – – Read More…

Soup For the Cincinnati Soul

27 Apr Soup for the Cincinnati Soul

by: Angie Haering – Read More…

Jefferson Award

Video shot by Channel 12 shot for the Jefferson Award.

Cincinnati Food and Wine Classic – 2015

During the Cincinnati Food and Wine Classic three Cincinnati area chefs took part in a a food competition show.

Suzy DeYoung, who owns La Soupe – A self-described French roadside soup shack that champions against food waste. It also donates a bowl of soup for every quart sold. Allison Hines, the owner of Butcher Betties Meats and Sweets at Friendly’s Market. Nick Markwald, the man behind Hen of the Woods potato chips, won. He’s opening a new restaurant soon in OTR with the same name.

The event was hosted by Andrew Knowlton. He’s the restaurant editor at Bon Appetit magazine and was also a very tough judge on “the Next Iron Chef.” First they were judged on their skills, like cleaning artichokes and breaking down a salmon. They had fifteen minutes for that.

P&G made a donation to each chef’s favorite charity and donated $3,000 on behalf of Nick to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.