Ladle Campaign

Download Ladle Campaign PDF to send to your employer here.

La Soupe’s Ladle Campaign

Calling all businesses, community leaders, or anyone with a passion for curbing waste and feeding the food insecure. Please help La Soupe fulfill its mission of Rescue/Transform/Share by participating in the Ladle Campaign!

Double the Size Double the Impact

In the first 2 months of 2017, soupe production was 2,240 gallons and food rescued totaled 40,400 pounds! This is a quick start compared to 2016 when soupe production was 812 gallons and rescued food totaled 9,300 pounds! La Soupe is busting at the seams in its limited, 900-square foot workspace. To meet the robust need, La Soupe wants to build an annex to double its kitchen size, acquire an additional walk-in freezer, and create a loading area to ease deliveries and pick-ups.


Ladle Levels

The Ladle Campaign’s $300,000 fundraising goal will cover expansion costs and the purchase of an additional freezer. Participation at any level is welcome and greatly appreciated. Donors who stretch to the $5,000 or above level will receive special recognition. Engraved soupe ladles – lining the new annex’s

entryway – will celebrate our $5k+ donors for their generous contributions toward helping feed the children and families of Cincinnati – one of the hungriest cities in the U.S.

Become a Ladle Partner

Contact La Soupe’s Director of Development Jess Kerr at or 513.203.0164 for more information on making a donation or becoming a Ladle Partner.