We’ve seen the positive effects that healthy, delicious food has on our community and its children. Time and again we’ve proven that once kids eat our Soupe, they prefer it to processed food and will attend school events in greater numbers when Soupe is provided. To expand these effects, we provide several services that help us distribute food where it is needed most through the following programs:

  • Cincinnati Gives A Crock: La Soupe volunteer effort that brings cooking classes into school and community settings. Cooking students are provided with crockpots, utensils and weekly recipes with required ingredients to create meals for their families during the course of a 10 week period. We are currently expanding the scope of this program to include a “teach-the- teacher” model where groups with manpower and cooking facilities are implementing the Crock program to those communities they serve using La Soupe provided recipes and weekly ingredient “packs”.  Watch the Local 12 feature here.
  • Chef Bucket Brigade Challenge: Talented chefs work with us to give back using rescued food in addition to their own excess ingredients. We encourage La Soupe supporters to give these restaurants your business- they are taking time out of their busy schedule to make sure the city’s food insecure are fed! See full list of active Bucket Brigade restaurants here.
  • Therapeutic Broths: Science-based therapeutic broths maintain health and encourage those with health challenges to eat nutritiously even when eating anything is a challenge. We carry frozen quarts of chicken and beef bone broth on a regular basis. Call the shop to place your order today.
  • Stone Soup Project: A series of events which use a magnificent paella pan and rescued food to focus attention on food waste and insecurity and La Soupe’s mission. The paella pan is available for booking and is a fun alternative to the standard catered meal.
  • Soupe Mobile
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Whole Again Partnership: Together we provide food for children out of school during the summer.