La Soupe is a French roadside soup shack that mixes the talents of a top chef with the comfort of a family table.  The rotating menu features pot-friendly entrees, croque du jour, therapeutic broths, and seasonal specialties. Best of all: for every quart sold, we DONATE A BOWL.

During the week we create soups, cassoulets, gumbo’s, stews, and anything else that can be served and shared in a pot.  Seasonal accompaniments include grains, pasta dishes, and vibrant fresh green salads. For our biggest fans there will be exclusive tastings and spontaneous feasts hosted in our own humble kitchen.

On the weekend, we create large batches of soup and deliver them to local partners who feed the hungry.  The loyalty of our customers along with generous donations from local organic farms, grocers, and our very own container garden make this possible.

On the mend?  Sometimes our appetite can be weakest at times when our bodies most need a diverse, nourishing diet.  Our weekly menu  features nutrition-packed, easy-to-eat soups and therapeutic broths lovingly crafted for our friends who are experiencing or recovering from health challenges.



I am one of four professional chefs within two generations of my family.  One was head chef of the Union Club in NYC from the 1950s to early 1970s.  Another was the head chef of the NYC Sherry-Netherland. My father, Pierre Adrian was recruited from Alsace, France to cook in the US and he later earned the Maisonette its first five star rating during his time as head chef there.  With all that food in my history, what else was I supposed to pursue?

My dad died very young and I created La Petite Pierre, a boutique catering agency, as a tribute. In 25 years with La Petite Pierre I had the privilege of cooking for former presidents, senators, members of congress, and celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Julia Child.  More importantly, La Petite built decades-long friendships with some of the most remarkable families in Cincinnati.  I built my career serving these families and will be forever grateful for their many years of loyalty, love, and support.

I have always had a passion for cooking for those who really need it such as our less-fortunate neighbors who are experiencing hunger, or others whose health issues create a particular need for simple, healthful, palatable food.  With La Soupe I get to bridge the gap between my talent for crafting food and my passion for bringing food to our friends and neighbors who need it most.




Suzy DeYoung



MONDAY, 11:00a – 5:00p (carryout only)
TUESDAY – SATURDAY, 11:00a – 6:00p
4150 Round Bottom Rd
Cincinnati, OH